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Mental Health at Camp

Booking now for Summer 2024

When the Outside World Comes to Camp

Preparing to support youth with a variety of unique mental health needs

  • Education around age and population specific concerns experienced by your campers

  • Individual consultation with both director staff and counselors

  • Proactive steps to make camp safe and fun for everyone

  • Managing crisis, response and resources

  • 3 Hour Training - Starts at $550

Help for the Helpers

Tools for camp management and directors to support and retain staff

  • Developmental expectations and current experiences 

  • The connection between burnout and staff turnover

  • Recognizing and reaching out when someone is struggling

  • Review of systems in place to support struggling staff 

  • When is it too much for Camp?

  • Mid-summer consultation included, can be offered virtually

  • 2 Hour Training - Starts at $400

Transitioning from Isolation to Camp

Being proactive rather than reactive to the needs of youth impacted by Covid

  • Education around age and population specific concerns experienced by campers due to extended isolation from peer and social groups

  • How to support campers and when to bring in other resources

  • Program considerations to ease the transition back into camp

  • 3 Hour Training - Starts at $500

Camps & Facilitation: Packages & Rates

Programing and Facilitation

Booking now for Summer 2024

Doing Dangerous Things Thoughtfully

Supporting and managing healthy risk taking at Camp

  • What is healthy risk taking and why do you want it at your camp?

  • Utilizes adventure based model to explore benefits and challenges of getting out of your comfort zone

  • Provides concrete tools for maintaining safety while allowing campers to step out of their comfort zone and experience personal growth

  • Discussion of actual vs. perceived risk in the camp environment

  • 3 Hour Training - Starts at $500

Am I Using this Right?

Bringing intention, new ideas, and FUN to your specialized program area

  • Ropes Course, Waterfront, CIT/LIT programs, Adventure Programs, and Staff Training

  • Specialized individual consultation with course or program manager, facilitators, and counselors/staff

  • Written program assessment and recommendations plus midsummer consultation included

  • Ideal for addressing key staff turnover, culture shifts, underutilized resources, and program development

  • 5 Hour Training - Starts at $850

They Did WHAT!?

​Managing unexpected and disruptive behaviors the Camp way

  • Basics of emotion and behavior specific to your camp population

  • Strategies to join with participants and support struggling participants

  • Using the group to make positive changes in individuals

  • Can be focused specifically on violence, bullying, sexualized behaviors, ‘inappropriate’ conversations, substance use or other concerns experienced by your Camp

  • When is it too much for Camp?

  • 3 Hour Training - Starts at $500

Camps & Facilitation: Packages & Rates

Free Consultation & Custom Trainings

Work with me to design specialized programs specific to your Camp needs!

  • Free 30 minute consultation to explore your needs and ensure a good fit!

  • One hour to one week in duration

  • Great option for large (50+) groups or specialized populations

  • Program development & delivery, mental health needs of campers & staff, low and high ropes course, adventure programs, CIT/LIT programs, direct work with participants, assessment of organizational chart and communication.

  • Travel outside of 25 miles and groups larger than 50 participants have additional costs to be discussed in free consultation.

Camps & Facilitation: Packages & Rates

John Quinn, LCSW

I have been lucky to wear many hats at summer camp with more than 10 years experience in program development, leadership roles, ropes course management, adventure based programing, staff training, facilitation, and currently as the director of a leadership development program for middle and high school. As anyone who has left Camp for a ‘real job’ knows you can't stay away for long which is why I am excited to return to Camps as a consultant and facilitator. In addition to my experience at both day and residential camps I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a strong background in group work and a thriving private practice working with youth and young adults.

I truly believe that Camp does what it does because kids and staff have a place to share their whole selves in an accepting and inclusive environment. I also know that this can be messy, stressful, and can challenge even the most experienced staff or seasoned program. The trainings below are designed to meet the current needs of youth, seasonal staff and programs and can be customized to fit your Camp’s unique needs. I am happy to offer a free consultation to discuss my philosophy, find out more about your Camp, and figure out what is the best option for you! References are available upon request, have a great summer!

Camps & Facilitation: About Me
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